About Shenwan

We have been committed to the production and sales of security products such as eye washers and chemical protective clothing, and provide 24 hours a day service
Hebei Shenwan Security Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells eyewash, respirator, protective clothing and other products. At the same time, it is the agent of well-known domestic and foreign brand protective products. The product categories are head protection, eye protection, hand protection, foot protection, body protection, breathing protection, safety equipment, etc. The products involve labor safety protection products in the chemical, fire protection, mining, machinery and other industries. The company has established a complete marketing service system, relying on outstanding advantages in talents, technology, resources, information, etc., to provide you with complete, fast and professional technical support and services, which can provide you with comprehensive, high-quality, and marketable Competitive products, thereby reducing costs for customers and improving market competitiveness.


Eyewash product processing and production
Capacity of more than 50,000 units/year


Production of protective products
Ability to exceed 30,000 sets/year


Total number of customers served
More than 6000


Products are sold all over the world 40
Many countries and regions

8 years of experience precipitation, patented technology to create excellent quality

8 years of research and manufacturing experience in protective equipment
Independent research and development, high-end selection of materials, strict implementation of the quality management requirements of the international protective equipment series industry, large-scale production capacity, and acceptance of customized product development

We have mass production and manufacturing capabilities

Shenwan has a 2000 square meter factory building and a large storage warehouse. It has a complete logistics management system and large-scale production and shipment capabilities. You only need to communicate in advance the number of products that need to be customized, delivery time and other information, and you can wait without worry. , In addition, we have personalized customized services, which can be customized according to customer needs.


Perfect customer after-sales service capabilities

The company has designated a complete after-sales system, a one-year product warranty, and provides technical support for installation and use through online services

Although our products are of high quality, we still set up product maintenance and replacement channels to ensure that you can use the product correctly and smoothly. Any use or installation problems can be communicated and resolved as soon as possible.

Can provide customized services and application solutions

Considering the wide variety of eyewash products, it is often necessary to formulate strategies based on the site, such as buried eyewashes, steam eyewashes, boiler eyewashes and other very rare cases. We can designate customized services according to your site conditions, supporting eyewashes The solution is to adapt to local conditions and cost-effective.



The company's quality and safety management system has passed ISO 22000, HACCP, and QES three system certifications, from quality, environment to safety assurance.